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About Us

Hi, i'm Odette

Established in 2014 and been teaching for 17 years. I am happy to say that swimming is my passion! Dedication and professionalism and the love of teaching children to swim have grown my swim school over the past few years. I also swim myself and belong to Syngery Masters Swimming Club.

Qualified & Registered LTS swim instructor with level 1 first aid and CPR.
Indoor Heated Pool
Baby's to Adults Lessons
One on One / Group Lessons
Stroke Work / Correction
Safe and Secure Parking


Dear Parents

The statistics of drowning in South Africa is frightening. 30% of all drowning take place in a swimming pool! This is due to people being uneducated about water safety. Swimming South Africa is urging ALL South Africans to Become water safe. My aim is to educate learners on all aspects of water safety.

Swimming should be FUN ! SWIMMING IS A LIFE SKILL !!!

Learn-To-Swim lessons at Odette's swim school cater for ALL levels of Swimming. Beginner lessons for 'babies' as young as six months old ... all the way to adults as old as .........!

Swimming is excellent for development of the body and mind. It is therapeutic and stimulating.


Benefits of Swimming

It teaches water safety.
It is great for their mental and physical health
It gives the child a huge sense of accomplishment and achievement
It improves structure - Weekly swimming classes contribute to structuring your week and your day - Providing a regular fun and social activity ( And possibly a little sanity )
Asthmatics benefit by excercise in warm moist air around pools.


Mental and Physical Development

Builds endurance , muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.
Increases muscular flexibility.
Aids in muscular balance .
Swimming is relaxing as well as fun and children tend to sleep better.


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073 5162364

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St Charles College
Harvin Road
Westview Place


Where we are :

Yfit Gym
1 Alan Paton Drive
St Charles College
Harvin Road
Westview Place


Phone: 073 516 2364